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Position:sales manager (2)                             Release time:2019-09-29

Education requirement:Bachelor degree          other requirements:Major in pharmaceutical and chemical , CET-6 or above

Job descriptions

1.To analyze the existing and potential customer base, industry trends and competition situation in the region, and successfully promote products and service in the industry by working with marketing & sales team and distributors

2. To execute practical business development plans, and dig into the market and ensure it its execution

3. To conduct customer visits/presentations, proactively educate and guide customers, and generate qualified leads that will lead to orders, through various types of channels

4. To systematically analyse sales project opportunities, timely report on progress and situations, precisely identify the key stages and key persons, and provide feasible proposals for management decision

5. To closely cooperate with agency to develop business and ensure they are working under the agreed frame

6. To timely submit reports/documents/proposals and update information with high quality

Position:Organic synthesis researcher(5)        Release Time:2019-09-29

Education requirement:Bachelor degree           other requirement:Major in pharmaceutical and chemical,CET-6 or above

Job descriptions

1. Led the experimental team to design and synthesize compounds;

2. Responsible for the investigation and review of scientific research literature, and conducted experimental skill guidance and ability training for experimental team members;

3. Responsible for the safety management and environmental protection and health management of the lab staff and laboratories.

4. Responsible for the experimental progress of the project and the implementation of key steps; writing experimental reports and project summary reports;

5. Cooperate with the business department and communicate with customers on the project.